NIDSM Framework

Three Major Components of NIDSM

Integrated Service Strategy & Design

Integrated Service Strategy and Design lets enterprises to devise their strategy that encompasses integration of service capabilities of individual business units for achieving business goals and needs of both internal and external customers. It supports enterprises to determine the required capacity and resources for the integrated services and devise various integrated business processes after a thorough understanding of entire service portfolio and offerings.

Integrated Service Operation & Optimization

It integrates IT service management processes across all the departments and functions including multi supplier systems. It enables enterprises to embrace DevOps for increased agility and optimized delivery of services. By leveraging platform intelligence and advanced technologies, this part of the framework provides accurate CMDB  and well orchestrated and intelligently automated workflows and tasks resulting in complete visibility of services.

Integrated Service Delivery & Support

Integrated Service Delivery and Support allows enterprises to manage the quality of services delivered and analyze the overall performance. The resulting real time data from various processes can be used to understand the root causes of the issues and resolve them quickly. It also includes reporting that provides enterprises insights into alert activities and response effectiveness. It helps enterprises to redefine their strategy and processes according to business requirements and user satisfaction.